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      Introduction of the German production system

      Introduction of the German production system

      Research and Development

      1、Material research

      2、R&D System

      3、Industry-university- research cooperation


      R&D System- Shanghai Automotive Acoustic Parts (NVH) Engineering Technology Research Center

      Prospective research
      Design and development

      Aiming at the forefront of science and technology, strengthening basic research of materials, realizing forward-looking basic research, leading the technological breakthrough of original achievements, and strengthening applied research and key common technology research.
      Based on scientific research and verification, design and test, until the tryout and appraisal are completed, it can be put into production in small batches, and provide mature and supporting technologies, standards, processes and equipment for the research results.

      Transformation of results

      The research and development results will be batched and promoted until the application process technology of industrial products is engineered and industrialized, and its own core technology and independent intellectual property rights are formed.

      Contact Us
      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Tel:021-69017507 | 021-69574261
      Address:No.385 Hengyu Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
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