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      Introduction of the German production system

      Introduction of the German production system

      Research and Development

      Guided by integrated, modular product design concepts, the design center combines Benchmark analysis, CAE simulation and CNC, and soft-model sample testing to create an accurate, efficient, and competitive design service team. The center actively cooperates with major OEMs, famous universities, and well-known design companies all over the world to explore multi-level collaborative innovation from localized optimization design, synchronous design of new models, and design and development of cutting-edge technologies. The center completely has the ability of engineering design and development capabilities including console assembly and NVH system.

      Contact Us
      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Tel:021-69017507 | 021-69574261
      Address:No.385 Hengyu Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
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