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      Introduction of the German production system

      Introduction of the German production system

      Core Value

      Core Values:  Pragmatic   Integrity   Enterprising   Innovation

      ——Maintain a strict pragmatic style, and achieve high quality work requirements
      ——Increase professional talent and strengthen the company's leading position in the industry
      ——Simple interaction, be open and honest, carry forward results-oriented principles, prove by fact

      ——Complete the directorate targets to reflect the integrity to the shareholders
      ——Feedback sincerely and guarantee the quality and quantity to reflect the integrity to the customers (including internal)
      ——Communicate frankly and work hand in hand to reflect the integrity to the partners

      ——Strive to develop, pursue to win, support and work together to be the first-class       
      ——Be hold in taking work responsibilities and pressure, face and solve problems
      ——Pay close attention to the future development trend of the industry, compete with the competitive rivals, and profoundly affect the industrial structure

      ——Make the internal mechanisms being always active through market pressure
      ——Innovate internal management mechanisms and establish comprehensive management objectives in line with international standards
      ——Broaden products and brand value-added space with superior quality

      Contact Us
      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Follow Huate’s official WeChat

      Tel:021-69017507 | 021-69574261
      Address:No.385 Hengyu Road, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
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